This new blog is only under construction, but the old blog has now officially “gone to the birds.” will remain the umbrella, covering transliteration-translation. (here) will soon absorb the Electronic Editors Version (eev). (new) will soon be home for the Twitteration Version (twv).

Submissions for the EEV remain by the chapter, and will remain open to everyone.

Submissions are also now open for TWV, by the verse, and may land into EEV.

(EEV home section, transfer to here is in progress, posted on 2013/01/27)



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Welcome to the Universe… An Open, Crowd-Sourced Christian Community!

Universe of Eternity ( Center, Capital Quadrant: Bands & Churches

Edify Thy Neighbor ( [North Quadrant] Share on all things good

. . . Ewe Tw-abbernacle ( Bands+Chuches+Popcorn = Ewe Happy Camper

Twitteration ( [West Quadrant] Testimonies of individual pilgrimage

. . . Faithglasses ( Testimony by tablet cam; if your tablet would preach

. . . Ewe Tw-estify ( Testimony by the verse; how it speaks for your heart

Electonic Editors Version ( [East Quadrant] As clear as we can be

+Alpha+Bible+ ( [South Quadrant] Taking root language by the root

. . . Ewe Tw-anslate ( Crowd translation + open group editing of The Bible

Universe of Eternity ( Outer Quadrant: The forever face of the Universe

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